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    I got a certificate saying you've completed the District of Columbia Fire/EMS Training Academy. That's about it. We don't use badges. I don't think I've seen anyone below the ranks of battalion chief really wear one.

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    We are pinned upon graduation from recruit school. Our Dept. wears light blue button downs with a badge on the left chest and our roll call embroidered on the right chest from 0700 to 2200 hrs from Sept 1 to June 1 and navy polos in between during the summer. The city cut our uniform allowance tho so well be wearing whatever piece of uniform we please, Tshirt, polo or uniform shirt lol

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    Default eh...i dunno

    when i was in the military they taught us to "respect the rank". a badge is a sign of accomplishment.

    so i come home and join my local volunteer fire dept.

    4 months of training. the closest we got to any kind of notice of accomplishment was fingerprinting and a mug shot at the police dept.

    and now we are "probationary" for 12 more months. we go into the fires. we do the calls. but we fail merit of a badge? remember the movies? when the sheriff rounds up a posse what was the first thing he passed out? that right. badges. we are putting ourselves on the line.

    yeah, for some,the badge doesn't mean much to some. but for others, such as volunteers, the symbol is indeed intangible. we don't get pensions. spend $20 for a tin badge.

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    we don't wear badges on our duty uniforms, but do on our dress uniform. I am very proud of my badge, even if I don't wear it everyday at work.

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