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    I have a biddle test coming up for department and was wondering if anyone has some good pointers for me. I have looked all over the internet (obviously not good enough) for a video showing someone actually doing the test (not just a step by step video). My goal is to get below 7 minutes to score the full amount of points. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!!

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    Default Biddle

    I designed some exercises to add to my Fire it Up! training regimen called the Biddle Addendum. I will cut an paste it below. The pictures/drawings did NOT come through. AND: Lots of it will likely look funny. If you want the original, write me.
    Biddle Addendum:

    When taking the Biddle, there are several tests that are different than the CPAT. For that reason, there are changes in the training. You should go through your book at this point, and make a few changes.

    There is no weight vest in this test. That means you don’t need to purchase one. But, you still need to do some intense cardio training to take you through this very intense test. Go through right now, and cross out weight vest work in red, and circle the chart below in red!

    On the weight vest days:
    You’ll need a standard stair/step. Take a dumbbell, wrap the hand part with a sweatshirt so it’s padded and can be rested on your shoulder. This will be picked up from the floor, put on one shoulder. You will step up and down, for the number of steps listed below. You’ll step up that many times on your right foot with the weight on your right shoulder. Then you’ll shift it to your left shoulder, and do the same number of steps. You’ll place the weight on the floor. You’ll do the stated number of walking lunges, and then you’ll return to the weight and step and repeat. You’ll continue this circuit for the time stated. Try to keep moving the entire time. Your heart rate should not be above 175 for the first 4 weeks, 180 weeks 5-9, and 185 weeks 10-12.

    Week Weight Steps R/L Lunges Time
    1 25 20/20 20 3 m
    2 25 25/25 25 3 m 30 s
    3 30 25/25 25 4 m
    4 30 30/30 30 4 m 30 s
    5 35 30/30 30 5 m
    6 35 35/35 35 5 m 30 s
    7 40 35/35 35 6 m
    8 40 40/40 40 6 m 30 s
    9 45 40/40 40 7 m
    10 45 40/40 40 7 m 30 s
    11 50 40/40 40 8 m
    12 50 40/40 40 8 m 30 s

    Save your back! Make sure you are bending and your knees and hips and holding that weight close to your body when picking up and placing down! Also, keep your chin up, and your head above your heart!
    Walking Lunge Form

    Remember that the form of your walking lunges is very important! If you do them carelessly, you risk your ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). Let’s just say: you’ll need it for later!
    See the drawing below! In the down position, your head and shoulders need to be centered over your hips. Your hips need to be equal distance between your front heel, and the ball of your back foot. In the down position, keep the weight in your front heel and the ball of your back foot. Your forward knee can be flexed to exactly 90*. Do not allow it to shift forward of your shoe laces, or bend more than 90*. Your back leg can drop down to tap your knee on the floor in the bottom of your lunge. Your pace should be: down 1, up 1, swing through 1 to contact.

    There are 2 other variations of the workout!

    The Ax chop is different in this test, so: Go through your workbook and cross out ax chop in blue and circle the chart below in blue! Your need to do it vertically!

    The Ax Chop in the video is done horizontally. This won’t work for you! So, slide the cable up to the top of the machine. Now, put the rope pull on it that is used in the one armed lat pull. Stand about 2.5 feet from the machine in the position shown. Bend your knees. Stick out your behind. Keep your abs tight. Keep your back flat and your chest “sticking out”. Pull down in a quick chopping motion, keeping your elbows straight, but not locked. The hands should separate down by the quads, a few inches above the knees. Slowly let back to starting position on a count of 2.

    Week Wt Reps Sets
    1 30 12 2
    2 30 14 2
    3 30 16 3
    4 35 18 3
    5 35 20 3
    6 35 22 4
    7 40 24 4
    8 40 26 4
    9 40 28 4
    10 45 30 5
    11 45 30 5
    12 45 30 5
    You’ll also need to do more pec work for the Biddle!

    Take a highlighter, and write “pecs” in the notes area of every day that has an ax-chop/over the shoulder hose pull super-set. Those are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Let’s keep it simple. After you are done your ax chop and over the shoulder hose pull super-set, let’s do a few push ups! Later in the program, you may need to start on your feet and end up on your knees. Try not to stop and rest during your set, but if you have to, take a slight rest and finish!

    Week Reps Sets
    1 20 2
    2 25 2
    3 30 2
    4 35 2
    5 25 3
    6 30 3
    7 35 3
    8 40 3
    9 42 3
    10 45 3
    11 50 3
    12 50 3

    Now, cut out these 3 charts after you are sure how to do the exercises, and paste them inside the back cover of your workbook!

    Remember that this addendum is meant to go with the Milus Training Systems’ Fire It Up Training workbook Do not apply it without having both!
    Let me know if I can help you in any way!

    Dr. Jen
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    As Dr. Jen stated, a well balanced workout with strength and cardio will suit you just fine. I rowed in college and that is the only type of workout I do. No weights, not running, no hills etc. My friend designed a similar workout to the BIDDLE in his local gym and practiced events that were similar to that of the BIDDLE. On my second BIDDLE test I went 5:50 and on his 3rd BIDDLE test he went 5:48. Different training styles, similar results. Finding what works best for YOU is the most important thing. Mix up workouts and keep things interesting because the best training tip is to not skip a workout! If you're limited on time do some core work in the living room with jump squats and lunges or if you can only get a 20 minute workout in go run! Some type of training at your aerobic threshold is better than nothing even if it's only for 20 minutes. Happy hunting.

    Jeff Collett

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