Looking for some opinions/advice on what department to volunteer at. I am considering:
Bethesda Chevy Chase Rescue Squad
Silver Spring Volunteer Fire Dept.
Cabin John Park Volunteer Fire Dept.

I am having some trouble deciding which route I should take. My goals are to:
1-Serve my community
2-Challange myself along the way
3-If I am going to commit to volunteering I want to actually do the work
4-I would like to be a fire fighter/rescuer. I know EMT training is required at some departments in order to procede to fire fighter.

Concerns I have are:
1-Do the volunteers actually get to go on calls and do the work?
2-Organization structure. Disciplined or just a good ol boys club?
3-Stand by flexibility. I understand the commitment required of being a volunteer but is there some flexibilty if one has family conflicts?
4-Last but not least is my age. I am 39. I am physically fit and feel I would have no trouble doing the job.

Any help is appreciated