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    Default Organ Transplants

    Just read NFPA 1582. Didn't list anything about them.

    Now I have read most of the medical DQ threads. All of which were answered in NFPA 1582.

    With no medical problems and a letter of fit for duty. How do you feel on the subject of working with someone who had some kind of organ transplant?

    Also keep in mind that there are pro athletes that have had transplants.
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    I was hired full-time (And obviously passed the physical) a year & half ago, even though I have a heart condition- I wondered for a while if I would make it through the physical- But it doesn't affect me- so I went to a VERY good cardiologist who thought the same, and wrote her findings that it was very unlikely to ever cause a problem, and that I was in excellent condition.
    So go to someone who superb credentials, get a thorough eval, get the fit-for-duty letter, then get hired!

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