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    Default Looking for work.

    I've been reading these forums around here for a while. Lots of good stuff to find. Time for my introduction.

    I'm a Navy veteran that wants to become a FF. I live in Jacksonville, Fl. I completed EMT and am waiting to start FF1,FF2 in a few months. I have completed my A.S. in Fire Science and I will finish my B.A.S. fire Science Management one year from now. Everything was going according to plan until Jacksonville decided to lay off a batch of 29 new recruits that they just hired due to city financial problems. So I might be looking for a new place to live.

    Anyways, thanks for all the info that I have read since I found this site. I look forward to voicing my own opinion on here once I become employed and know what the hell I'm talking about.


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    Well R1andy,

    The 2010 SAFER grant is planning to begin in the fall. Where this program in the past had around 40-50 million in it, for 2010 it will have around 440 million in funds. We anticipate unfortunatley for the volunteer departments that the largest block of this funding will go for hiring of career firefighters.

    My advice is begin your process to get rehired or hired by getting your resume's in order because I anticipate many career departments are going to take advantage of this gigantic opportunity to fund the hiring of firefighters.

    pay attention to the timetables. In addition, pay attention to how the funding of departments occurs. If you understand operating budgets that is often neglected or overlooked by the individual firefighter, you will have an insiders understanding of increasing your chances to not just find a position, but find a dream position being offered where you would love to work. I'm guessing that Jacksonville would be a dream postion for many northern FF's. Jacksonville also has a great department grant writer that I am sure is going to take advantage of SAFER this year.

    If you were to take advantage of this, I would try to find out what departments are submitting grant applications to SAFER and get my application into those departments in advance of the awards. Read the program guidance and get a grasp of who you should send your apps to and who not to.

    This is insider stuff. Get your radar turned on.

    Good luck
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