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    Default good academy in texas/cali/florida?

    Would anyone be able suggest a good academy for fire 1&2 and emt? I'm looking to go to one in either florida, texas, or california. I have a friend thats going to the texas fire academy. http://www.texasfireacademy.com/index.html Preferably one where you live at the fire house so I don't need to have an apartment.

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    you do the book work first then go to I think two weeks 24 hour stay

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    The best in California is The columbia colleg program.

    There is a Tuolumne county station that is staffed by students and I have talked to people that have gotten there F/F1, EMT and medic through the program. Also they have been able to work as firefighters, engineers and company officers. So when they came out they were as marketable as possible.

    While there are programs as discribed above where you do a combination of online and hands on, be careful. I don't think the state of California recognizes any of those programs, so by attending you may limit where you are qualified to test.

    Good Luck, Capt Rob

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    If you want to go to school in Texas look into Collin County Community College Fire & EMS program in McKinney, Texas. Its about 30 minutes north of downtown Dallas. I went through there last year and I could not have asked for a better experience. They have a day class that is mon-fri 8-5 that it 3 months long (not including EMT school) and a night class that is mon-wed night and all day Saturday that it 6 months long. The instructors are from all over the DFW area and are awesome, you get a little bit from all over on how things are done. The school has a great training ground along with great equipment i.e. apparatus, gear, tools, etc. They only take about 24 people per class so the instructor to student ratio is great. They also do a written test, physical agility, and oral board before you are accepted to give you a feel on what its like in the real world on getting hired. After you pass fire school they save you a EMT school slot that starts about 2 weeks later. Same thing with EMT school...I really enjoyed the whole 6 month experience.


    Hope this helps


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    If you're interested in southern California, might I suggest the following, community college academies:

    Ranch Santiago College,Santa Ana CA.
    Rio Hondo College, Whittier CA.
    Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut CA.
    El Camino College, Torrance CA.
    James Shearn Academy, Compton CA.
    College of the Canyon, Santa Clarita CA.

    These are just to name a few. They all have FF1 certifiable programs. Here is this part of California, you actually have to have time on a department after the academy to get your FF1 cert. All of them have EMT programs and Mt. Sac. has a Paramedic program. And...they're ALL GOOD!!!

    The Axeman
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    Default Florida Academies

    If you are interested in FL I would reccommend the Florida state Fire College in Ocala, or Midway Fire Academy in Gulf Breeze. Both have great instructors that you can learn a lot from. Midway's kinda low tech. Not so many bells and whistles, but overall great place. I went there and learned quite a bit. Midway just recently started an EMT-B program too.

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    I would agree with the brother above about Midway. I too graduated from that academy. While it is low tech per say the teaching and instructors are jam up. They push you hard and teach not only what you need to pass the state test but also what you need to do to hopefully not get yourself or anyone else hurt. When I went through ( Class # 002 ) we were still under the old standards which didn't include history and traditions or Safety and Survival as part of the curiculum yet, but we spent about a week on it. So the long and short of it is I would say it is one of the best academies in North West Florida.

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    Default Santa Ana Fire Academy

    I would highly recommend Santa Ana Fire Academy.
    And not just because I went there....ok it is because I went there.

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