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    Default Water Rescue/Recovery Team?

    Hey guys (and gals),

    I'm seeking guidance on a subject that I'm honestly a bit surprised to find here. I've been looking everywhere online to no avail...so imagine my shock when it was just sitting in a category in a forum on Firehouse.

    My Fire Department in South Texas is interested in starting up a water-based rescue/recovery team...we are looking for information and are having some problems finding it. I'd like to know if any of yall have teams like this, and what it took you to get your team started and off the ground.

    We need to find grant & financial assistance information, as well as exactly how to get our team up and running. We have a team of high spirited guys ready to sign on for this, just not sure what direction to turn to.

    I hope I posted this in the right section, and I definitely look forward to hearing back from yall. Thanks so much for your time!!


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    I assume you are talking about a dive team. You we need a good amount of funding. I would start off by having everyone obtain their open water dive cert. This should weed out those who can't be divers. These members can help with shore based activities, so do not count them out. Your local PD may assisst you in funding and training. You could make an agreement to locate evidence for them. Contact a local dive shop for suggested equipment for your area. Hopefully others will weigh in.

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    Default info

    If you got to www.teamlgs.com they have a lot of information on their website under articles on minimum standards and equipment.


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    Pick up "Public Safety Diving" by Walt "Butch" Hendrick.

    Join Scubaboard and start reading. Lots of expereinced people, including the head of DRI. While LGS training has a great reputation, they're also more focused on cold weather. DRI has a broader level of application across the country. However, both agencies are rated highly so whichever path you follow will be much better than going it alone.


    There is a big difference in priority between Rescue and Recovery. The first means 24/7 on the job round the clock teams. The second means, often, volunteers. Gear and tactics are the same, funding and staffing levels tend to differ greatly.

    The two teams I've been on were volunteer Recovery teams based out of the FD. We do dive search, land search, low-angle rope rescue. LEO teams abound as well, in different parts of the country.

    If you want to start a team, I'd suggest contacting DRI or LGS to scope out the project. It's not a trivial undertaking but if you're in lake or coastal country it is a valuable service to the citizens.


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    Default How To Start A Dive Team

    Dive Rescue International has a publication entitled "How To Start A Dive Team" that is FREE and may be helpful. You can contact Dive Rescue International at (800) 248-3483.

    LEAM ... Thank you for your kind words!


    Blades Robinson, Director
    Dive Rescue International

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