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    Question Pumper refurb

    My dept currently has a 1988 pierce custom engine we bought used in 2003 we are currently in the AFG grant process for a new engine, however the idea to refrub the body to make it fit our dept needs and meat standards came up, just curious if this is the way to go we currently dont even have enough room to keep are hard suction on board and storage is very limited,again truck bought used . my biggest issue is our dept makes around 100 runs per year and i know how tight they are on new trucks i know of depts who make less and have gotten trucks anyway i would like some feedback thanks

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    Not sure exactly what your asking. Are you writing an application to replace your second hand 1988 pumper or did you get an award for a new one ?
    If you are looking to refurb a 22 year old body to meet your needs you need to keep in mind that a major refurb would require bringing it up to current standards. Does the chassis have an enclosed cab? Many of that vintage did not. What condition is the chassis in ? Is the drivetrain in very good condition? How about the most recent pump test?
    All of these components are aging and may need expensive repair /replacement due to age , even if there is low mileage on the truck.

    If you are writing an application for AFG don't let your numbers stop you from applying. If you don't submit an app you definitely can't be awarded.

    Small rural departments have been awarded with low call volumes. Just don't write an app for a 400 thousand $$ custom parade special. Stay with a basic pumper that will meet your needs and it will stand a better chance of getting by the computer scoring to get a peer review. You are scored against other volunteer departments so write your best application and keep your fingers crossed.

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    thanks yes current engine has 6 man enclosed cab ,chassis and frame in great condition we are basicly looking at a refrub from pump module back and update lighting and visibility.

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