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    Default Fires in speakers?

    Has anyone encountered a fire in a speaker coming from an ordinary radio/tape/cd stereo?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Yes I have seen this. Without going into a lot of details, the speakers were hooked to a radio that was in a wet environment, and the electronics were damaged, sending an AC current to the speakers and they caught on fire.

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    I could let you know in a few days....if I put the fuse back in the radio/speakers of my pickup truck!.....I get a crakling noise and smoke smell even with the ignition off!

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    Typical home/car steros do not have enough current flowing through a speaker for anything to catch on fire. If the speaker is on fire, chances are there is a fault IN THE STEREO OR AMPLIFER that is passing high voltage or high current main power into the speaker wires.
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    I've seen at least 10 subwoofer fires, but this is during my stint in SPL competitions.

    Its usually from a damaged subwoofer and a lot of power being pushed into it.

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