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    Default befor i take next step

    i have been taking LA and OC practice test for the written i have no schooling yet i read on alot of threads that i should apply 1st befor school
    so i was wondering if going to a local firehouse in person is a good idea and if so what are some pointers that i can do or ask

    so i was wondering if la or oc sends you to school
    after u apply and get selected

    any other tips or advise will help

    thanks for all info

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    If you are going to start a process, definitely take A (as in singular) station tour for each department you apply with. Call ahead and find out when a good time is for a short tour. Dress business casual (Dockers and a nice Polo or button shirt). Bring a dessert for the crew (pie, cake, ice cream, etc). Don't overstay your welcome. You should be there about 30-60 minutes, no more. Have a couple questions ready to ask about things you want to know, but don't talk their ear off. Be humble. When it is time to go, thank them for taking the time out of THEIR day to show you around.

    As for academies, the OCFA has their own academy and I believe ALL new hires, regardless of current certificates, will attend. I'm not sure if LA City or LA County have their own academies. I remember a friend was taking her fire certs through a local community college out there to apply, but not sure if that was just to give her a leg up or if it was required.

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    i found this on cal fire website the video says i should take fire classes


    but ill ask the guys at the fire house i goto thanks for your reply

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    Hey Brandon!! As usual the man from Arizona (that's the only zzyyzx I know of) is all over it! All three of the departments you speak of have their own respective academies! As for visiting stations, at least in L.A. County, most station personnel, when they have the time, will be glad to share information with you.

    Indeed, once you are selected to start these three academies, you receive a salary. That salary amount can be obtained on our web site. Do yourself a favor, however. Be prepared to ask well conceived and lucid questions about the job, NOT ABOUT THE PAY. Realizing that this is the interest of every recruit, you don't want to be perceived as someone who doesn't care about the job at hand.

    If it works to your advantage, visit a "task force" station or a large station with multiple units. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions about other units, and their operations.

    Lastly, keep your ears open, your mouth shut and your mind in the learning mode! Best of luck!!

    "Purpose, Truth and Passion Yields Power and Dominion IN ACTION!!!"

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