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    Default 2010 App Vehicle Inventory Questions Answered

    Just in case anyone else had the following questions, I just got off the phone with AFG Help Desk to get some answers. On the Firefighter Vehicle Inventory it states "Do not list any vehicles from your inventory listed as "Other". This was an error and you have to list all of your vehicles as listed in the Applicant Characterists (II) or you won't be able to save the Firefighter Vehicle Inventory section. Also, for us recent vehicle awardees, if you are not in contract at the time of submission of the 2010 application, you do not list the new vehicle in your inventory. Good luck everyone.

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    I just called them also this morning on the same issue.

    They told me to list it as other since our unit did not meet the 300 gallon minimum tank size as the program guidance states.
    This was from both the help desk and regional VII representative. So that's the way I did it and submitted today #642
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