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    Default Question on EMS equipment

    I am working on our application for our ambulance service (non-affiliated EMS) for some basic equipment. When I go to the screen to Request Details, and add EMS equipment, it gives you the screen to enter the type of equipment you are applying for. There is a note on the top of the form that states "For each piece of equipment, attach an additional sheet". I don't know what they mean by that, and don't see any way to attach anything. The equipment screen has a drop down menu with various types of equipment in it, and a line to add a description if you choose "other". I wanted to add some type of description of the piece of equipment here like I do with a fire application. Anyone have any insight on this?
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    for each type of equipment you would add a new line item

    for instance, 2 power cots would be one line item, 2 stairchairs would be another

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