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    Cool WSI / Wackenhut Contract Firefighter Process

    My Process:
    Sunday - 23may2010 @ 1100 (E-Mailed resume to WSI)
    Sunday - 23May2010 @ 1900 (E-mail from WSI Stating I should recieve a packet in the meal next week or two)

    What I have Gathered from other users:


    Wsi pays your way to Houston and room and board but you dont get paid for training.


    The agility test is in Houston and consists of 2 min of push ups 2min of sit ups a 50 yrd run and a 50 yrd firemans carry.


    Pack light - For the love of God, if you don't pay attention to anything else on this forum, get this one through your thick skull. Enough clothes for 5 days in Houston. Weather varies by time of year. It CAN get cool in winter, unless of course you're Nanook of the North. Most of the crap on the packing list is worthless. ANY of it that is uniform type stuff (presuming they still haven't updated the list) you can skip. You'll get a FULL uniform issue in Houston. As for non-uniform clothing for in country, a couple of shirts, a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts is about all you'll need. When you pack in Houston to fly to Dubai, anything over your max weight or that won't fit in whatever luggage you have, you can mail home and have someone send you if you need it once you arrive in country.

    Toiletries - Definitely enough for the time in Houston plus a couple days in Dubai. Once you get in country, you'll be at F2 (Victory/Liberty) for a week minimum. You can buy more of anything you need in the Wal-Mart--err I mean PX--there.


    The hourly rate for FF's is $17.79. For the first 40 hours each week (IN country), you'll get 75% uplifts, making the hourly rate for those 40 hours $31.13. That's $1245.20. You'll NORMALLY get anywhere from 84 to 112 hours per week total, depending on assignment/manning levels. Dispatch, for example is 84 hours a week. The MOST NORMAL week is 96 hours (6 X 16's). Using a 96 hour work week, after the 40 hours with uplifts, you'll then have 56 hours at $17.79, for a total of $996.24. Add that to the uplift amount, and you have $2241.44 for the week, or $4482.88 for a two week pay period, both weeks bein 96 hours. That's the gross amount, of course. I'm not gonna bother to do the tax breakdown (yes, there ARE taxes taken out even if you don't elect to have full taxes taken out, just a lesser amount).


    In Houston, you'll be in one of three (most likely one of two) hotels. Your whole group will be in the same hotel.

    The two most common hotels WSI folks stay in are right across from the processing center, which is in a mall. A crappy, rundown mall.

    Your meals are free at the processing center, and the food isn't horrible. It's nothing to write home about, but it doesn't suck. You'll want to go out at least one night while you're in town and get a good meal somewhere. You're going to be gone for 4 months, give or take a bit. Enjoy one last good meal. There are a few places within easy walking distance of the hotels, and plenty more in not-too-expensive-cab-ride distance. You may get lucky and be able to get the hotel shuttle drivers to take you places. You can also rent a car to get around while you're there.


    Year long contract. After Contract is up You have the option of resigning within 14 days.
    You get 10 days leave(Vacation) every 120 Days(4 months)
    If you resign you get 30-42 days off before your wheels up again


    Have a copy of your resume in front of you. The interviewer will more or less go over it, talking about your experience.

    Other questions will probably be about how your family feels about you coming over, making sure you understand it's a war zone.
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    I'm actually not got leave any pertinent information on here. There are forums with already answered questions. All you have to do is use YOUR time to search them up like many others have done. But none the less, best of luck to you if you should get the job...

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    i got the phone call yesterday, she offered me the job and now i have to wait for the medical packet... she told me that i should be going out by ending of july or early aug

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    same boat as you brother. waiting for the med packet. maybe ill see you in houston. ill be the chubby alaskan

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    lol... well i'll be the bald one.. i already got the packet and i sent it back already, they are saying july 19 is my date.. so lets see...

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