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    Default Boots, Oil, and Wax

    Just got a new pair of boots and am in the process of breaking them in

    I've heard many people talk about oiling your boots including the seller who said it would help break them in.

    However all the manufactors say not to oil or put any product on them. Use fresh water to clean them and air dry, thats all they want.

    I was wonder what you guys have all heard and recommend?

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    I use Wesco's and everytime I've bought new or had rebuilt, there is a small vial of bee oil in the box. In fact, this link takes you the "care and feeding" of their boots.

    I personally like the obernauf oil for my boots. I've heard many stories of "don't use this stuff cause it'll cause your boots to become cement" or "that stuff will rot your boots from the inside out", but never seen anything actually proven.
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    Neatsfoot Oil works for me, although I hear you should only use it when the boots are new, as a protectant / breaking them in. Something about how it encourages the leather to mold and stretch a bit, it wasn't clear.
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