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    Default Victoria FLEET WEEK and Celebrating 100 Navy Years

    Five foreign navies sending ships for centennial

    22 ships, parade of 8,000 sailors mark rare fleet review next month

    By Ian Shelton, Times Colonist May 27, 2010 6:17 AM

    A dozen ships from five foreign navies will steam into local waters in June in a show of respect for Canada's navy on its 100th anniversary.

    Esquimalt and Colwood will host the Canadian Naval Centennial Pacific Fleet Review June 9-14, with events including an 8,000-strong parade of sailors in Victoria, aerial displays over the ships and inter-navy matches of soccer, ball-hockey and other sports.

    Gov. Gen. MichaŽlle Jean will inspect 22 Canadian and foreign vessels anchored in the waters between Esquimalt and Metchosin's Albert Head from on board the HMCS ALGONQUIN.

    The U.S navy alone is planning to send five ships, including the 333-metre USS RONALD REAGAN aircraft carrier. Japan and New Zealand are each sending two ships.

    Canadian navy spokesman LCdr. Paul Pendergast said it's no small thing for frigates and destroyers from across the Pacific to travel so far for the event.

    "It's really halfway around the world with hundreds of sailors in navy ships that cost as much as $1 billion," he said.

    LCdr Kevin Kirkwood said it's a distance that would strain the ranges of even Canada's big ships.

    "I crossed the Atlantic in the HURON," he said, referring to the Canadian destroyer he navigated during the 1982 crossing. "We had to single shaft on one engine [to conserve fuel]."

    He adds Canadian ships crossing the much larger Pacific Ocean must refuel part way in the Aleutian Islands between eastern Russia and the Alaska mainland. {NOTE: Umm.. Since when, Sir? Its always been Hawaii and Guam.}

    The vast distances underline the respect of countries sending ships to this year's fleet review, he said.

    "It's important for Canadians to see that we have a navy that is respected around the world."

    Fleet reviews are relatively rare events planned for equally rare occasions. Recent examples include the 60th anniversary of China's navy last year and the bicentennial of the Battle of Trafalgar in 2005. The last review of Canada's Pacific fleet was 25 years ago during the navy's 75th anniversary. It involved 24 ships from Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

    Jean will not be the only dignitary in attendance. Representatives from various levels of government will be joined by two Canadian admirals as well as senior naval officers from the United States, France and India, a navy spokeswoman said.

    Robert Huebert, a professor of political science at the University of Calgary and co-editor of A Nation's Navy: In quest of Canadian Naval Identity, says the strong international attendance underlines the legacy of Canada's long-standing Pacific naval presence.

    "One hundred years of independent existence is much longer than most other navies around the world."




    June 9: Foreign ships arrive at CFB Esquimalt.

    June 10: Gov. Gen. MichaŽlle Jean arrives in Victoria.

    June 11: A morning parade will run from Wharf Street along Government Street to the legislature, followed by a practice air show by the Snowbirds.

    June 12: The fleet review starts at 10 a.m. The Governor General will examine 22 vessels in Esquimalt Harbour from aboard HMCS Algonquin. The fleet review will be followed by a parachute show and a fly-over by maritime and search and rescue aircraft. The Snowbirds will perform.

    June 13: Navy personnel will compete in soccer, ball hockey, slow-pitch, rugby, cricket and beach volleyball at CFB Esquimalt.

    June 14: Canadian ships will leave CFB Esquimalt as a group in the morning. Foreign ships will leave throughout the day.

    © Copyright (c) The Victoria Times Colonist

    Wish I was home for this.

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    Sounds like a mega-turnout. A nautical tribute for a deserving nation with a great naval history. Bet they give tours on all the vessels and that would be incredible.

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    Now in Victoria, BC. I'm from beautiful Jasper Alberta in the heart of the Can. Rockies - will always be an Albertan at heart!


    Yes, there are going to be tours ... and so much more!!!

    Too bad the parade is on Friday

    BUT ... I treated myself to a bus pass for June so now I can go anywhere whenever I want! First time in a year YAY! So for sure I'm going to go see the ships, and the Snowbirds will be performing again on Saturday.

    Here is a schedule of the events:

    September 11th - Never Forget

    I respect firefighters and emergency workers worldwide. Thank you for what you do.

    Honorary Flatlander


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    I repeat myself:

    I wish I was home for this.

    Oh well going to have to reconcile with the CF Air Show here in Borden this weekend. I used to be an "air-geek" as a cadet a long time ago, when the Earth was green, so it wont be a bad trade off. AND the Snowbirds will be here too.

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    Thumbs up

    Victoria welcomes the world: Six nations, 8,000 sailors to take part in navy's centennial fleet review

    By Ian Shelton, Times Colonist; With files from David Karp June 6, 2010

    More Images Ľ

    Greater Victoria is getting shipshape to welcome the thousands of international sailors, tourists and dignitaries who arrive this week for a five-day party to celebrate the Canadian navy's 100th anniversary.

    Over the past week, CFB Esquimalt has been abuzz with last-minute preparations for the Canadian Naval Centennial Pacific Fleet Review which runs from Wednesday to next Sunday. Crews touched up the grey paint on frigate hulls, strung signal flags from the masts, and tidied the jetties in anticipation of foreign ships, Cmdr. Ian Wood said.

    The review features six navies -- Canada, United States, France, New Zealand, Australia and Japan -- and some of the 8,000 sailors who take part this week cast off from ports half a world away months ago.

    New Zealand's HMNZS ENDEAVOUR and HMNZS TE KAHA set sail on March 30 and April 5, respectively, visiting Australia, China and South Korea along the way.

    The ships begin arriving on Wednesday and Thursday, and all except the aircraft carrier USS RONALD REAGAN will tie up to jetties at CFB Esquimalt. The carrier will anchor out in the harbour as it's too big for the jetties {AND the harbour is not deep enough}. "By all accounts, the people of Victoria and British Columbia are very warm and hospitable, so our sailors are very much looking forward to it," said Lt.-Cmdr. Ron Flanders, spokesman for the USS Ronald Reagan.

    Festivities get underway on Friday, with a parade of sailors downtown at 10:30 a.m., and a fireworks display in Esquimalt Harbour at 10 p.m.

    On Saturday, Gov.-Gen. MichaŽlle Jean will preside over the fleet review starting at 10 a.m. She will board HMCS ALGONQUIN, which will then weave in and out among the ships, which will be anchored in tight formation in the entrance to Esquimalt Harbour. After that, onlookers will be treated to aerial shows by the Snowbirds and the military parachute team, as well as a military flypast. The best spots for the public to view the festivities will likely be Royal Roads University, Esquimalt Lagoon and Fort Rodd Hill.

    All weekend, businesses and tourism groups will staff a welcome centre at Ship Point for visiting sailors. The coalition has also distributed posters welcoming the sailors to more than 10,000 local businesses for display in windows.

    Beyond wanting to play good international host, the organizations know what the week means for the local economy, said Bruce Carter, head of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce and a former navy Lieutenant. "I as a sailor, when I was one, never went ashore with less than $100 and always came back broke and that was 10 years ago," said Carter.

    All told, Carter expects the week's events to generate $8 million in direct spending and estimates the overall economic impact at more than twice that much.

    To be safe, Victoria police will be topping up their five-officer late-night force with three more officers starting Thursday night, Sgt. Grant Hamilton said. Military police from the visiting countries will also join Victoria police patrols. Hamilton said police hope their presence will pre-empt any alcohol-related trouble.

    "If we ever do have a situation, the consequence for [sailors] within their own respective military is far more severe than what they can probably get from us," Hamilton said. "They're representing their country, so the commanding officers of those boats take that very seriously."

    The week's visitors aren't limited to men and women in uniform.

    Tens of thousands of civilians are expected to cram Esquimalt and the surrounding area on Saturday. Civilians also now get a crack at the Navy Rocks concert at Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre on Saturday night. The concert, featuring Sam Roberts, 54-40 and Matt Mays, had been reserved for navy personnel and their families, but the word went out last week that tickets are now open to the public.

    A more exclusive crowd will grace the 125-year-old admiral's residence at CFB Esquimalt Friday night, when Rear Admiral Tyrone Pile entertains Jean and other dignitaries at a private function.

    But pubs and poop decks may host the best diplomacy this week.

    "Sailors have a special bond," said Flanders from the USS RONALD REAGAN. "We like working with sailors from other countries -- it's going to be a real treat."


    © Copyright (c) The Victoria Times Colonist

    Read more: http://www.timescolonist.com/busines...#ixzz0qBJPhOHf

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