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I am trying to see if there is a place for me in DeKalb Fire. I am currently a Deputy Sheriff in South Georgia. I have no official fire training but some medical. I am a Hospital Corpsman in the USNR and have been for the last two years. It is not recognized by the National Registry in terms of EMT-B equivalent. I would like to get out of law enforcement and move back north closer to family. Any information is helpful in terms of the reputation of the DCFR and if they would look at me with the lack of certification. Thanks!
There is a better forum than this onw on DCFR at http://www.firehouse.com/forums/show...115665&page=11 (Dekalb Now Accepting Entry Level FF Positions!!!!!!).

Focus all your future questions on that one.

But with you not being a paramedic, you will have to wait until the next civil service test is given. It may be a year or two until the next one is given. If you do take the next one, and pass everything, you should have no problem getting hired given your public service back round.