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    Default Becoming an Arson Investigator

    Hi All,
    Just looking for some input. I've been in the volunteer service for about six years now, attend state sponsored training about once a month and have alot of training under my belt at the present time. I like firefighting and helping people, but I've always wanted to become an arson investigator. I've talked with a few people whom say you need many years in the service, which I figured would be the case. But how does a "begininer" set a path to acheive such a goal.

    I did graduate from a local college with a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice as well. I noticed like there a website CFI trainer, and they have like online programs you can do, would this help me?

    What do you recommend? Any input would be appreciated.

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    Start looking at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, I know they have a lot of classes. Also, If there are any local colleges in your area that run a fire science degree, some have the fire investigation class in the curriculum. Try and start off in basic fire investigation. It's a good baseboard into crime scene fire investigation. Good Luck.
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    you do not need years as a firefighter, it does help a little

    Would suggest go talk to several investigtors in your area, not sure how you state/ area works, sometimes the cops do the investigation and sometimes the fire dept does

    suggest try to do ride alongs, find out if there is task force you can run with, there are always plenty of work at an investigation that need help

    find out what it takes to get certified in your state/ area

    NFA is a could beginner course to attend

    also look on the private side to see if an investigator needs help every so often

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