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    Default Oil crisis solution

    Here is what some good old boys came up with to help with clean up!


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    Sometimes the low-tech solution is the best!

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    I say give it a try and see what happens.

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    Yea, but if they use all the hay to clean up the oil then what will the cows eat????

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    Default Company outfits skimmer for Gulf cleanup

    From the June 14 issue of "The Waterways Journal"

    SkimOil Inc,has introduced GulfStop,an oil skimming system that uses the company's Floating Weir Skimmer(FWS)line of products.
    The FWS is flow-controlled to the pump's flow rate,meaning the operator can control the cut or skim off the surface from 1/8 inch to three inches by controlling the pump's flow rate.No manual adjustment is needed.The unit will skim between 10 and 400 gallons per minute,depending on the flow setting.For example,if the pump is set for 50 gallons per minute,the skimmer will take a 1/2 inch cut,while skimming at 200 gallons per minute allows the weir to drop down to allow a two inch cut.
    The FWS can also be used with an extension pole/controller,which allows the operator to move the skimmer into the oil with almost surgical accuracy.(Doug's note:not too much unlike being a pool cleaner,just without the hot babes in bikinis or less for distractions)
    The FWS is not for deep water,but instead is designed to work on shorelines or near marsh areas.
    SkimOil's GulfStop system includes the FWS and a diesel powered small diameter diaphragm pump that can handle solids and trash that is often found near the shore and an oil water seperator designed spcifically for spilled oil recovery.This GulfStop system is designed to work from the deck of smaller boats or barges that can get in closer to shore.
    SkimOil says that it has been ramping up production of the systems in the wake of the BP Gulf oil spill.SkimOil President Roscoe McWilliams said the company is also putting together training videos and planning on-the-ground training sessions to enable local workboats to help recover a great deal of the spilled oil.
    "This is not a government job or rocket science,it's just simple,well proven effective equipment done right and basic enough to allow the small craft and people who have the most to lose the opportunity to make a big difference fast and work toward saving the coastline",he said.
    SkimOil is headquartered in Carrboro NC with locations in St Louis,New Orleans and San Diego.
    Now,did anyone REALLY think that Kevin Costner was able to take an idea from light bulb moment to working device all by himself in the time since the spill when others had already done so without a Congressional hearing?I'm not saying that he didn't come up with the idea but very few things are invented in a vacuum.
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