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    Default Abdominal surgery rehab

    Had abdominal surgery yesterday. I've already asked the Dr what can I do to start rehabbing. Here's the time frame he gave me.

    0-2 weeks: no activity
    2 weeks: slowly build up walking
    3 weeks: slowly build up jogging/walking, more walking, 15# lifting restriction
    6 weeks: no restrictions, but take it easy to get strength back
    8 weeks: be able to return to station duties

    Any Dr's, PT's, or people that have done this have any recommendation on what I can do?
    I was thinking 3-6 weeks I could put a 5# plate in each hand and start with that.
    Especially between 6 and 8 weeks when I need to get back up to speed. Right now I have no ab muscles so core is going to be a big one. Maybe some *way WAY* scaled back crossfit?

    Ideas? Opinions? Suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by agavegrove View Post
    0-2 weeks: no activity
    Yeah, I just got in trouble for this, had back surgery last Wednesday. Doctor has yelled at me, told me I may be a few weeks behind in recovery because I have been doing too much.

    So join me in laying low. Now I am not allowed to do ANYTHING!
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    First off, I have absolutely no medical training but my dad had back surgery a little while ago.Plus my wife had a c-section and her gallbladder out in the course of about two months so I can share some of their experiences.First off, my dad did exactly what the doctor told him iniatly and every thing worked out fine.He's a farmer so he had his surgery in the middle of the winter which helped considerably.However, once he got back to the swing of things he was good for a while but he's since hurt his back again by doing too much.This is probably more true of back surgery but you are never as strong post surgery.With dad, he just had to learn that he's not 20 anymore.I know that hard to swallow but if you get injured again it just keeps getting harder to recover from.My wife was a while getting back to 100% but that had a alot to do with the multiple surgries.Bottom line, in my opionon, the Doc knows what he's talking about.Just ease back into things because you can set your recovery way back by doing too much too soon.I know it's hard when you're use to being an active person but one moment of overkill could cost you weeks of recovery time.

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