Please visit to hear and download the song for free. Please pass the song around as we try to raise awareness and honor all of our local hero's.

You can also click this link to download the file from here. CLICK HERE

Paul wrote this song from a heavy background in firefighting. His dad was a firefighter and chief as he was growing up which led to him joining when he turned 18. Paul went to many structure fires and went on hundreds of calls to help out the people in his hometown. Like many others, Paul put his own life in harms way to help save people he didn't know, all for no money. 90% of all the firefighters in the USA are volunteer. They leave their families, friends, and wake up in the middle of the night to help save lives and pull people out of situations that they can't themselves control. This song is a dedication to all of our Firefighters and a tribute to all who lost their lives in the line of duty.

God Bless all of our Firefighters... Please honor them by downloading this song and sharing with all of your friends and family.

Send Paul your thoughts by sendiing him an e-mail at this address: Please also let him know if you have added this song to your website (and please send us the URL) so we can begin to compile a list of links to all who support our Firefighters. Thanks!

A nationwide firehouse tour will be taking place soon. We will post information on how your fire department can be involved as soon as it becomes available. Thank you and God Bless.