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    Default CMC Multi-Purpose Device

    Has anyone had any experience using the CMC Multi-Purpose device (http://www.cmcrescue.com/product.php?dept_id=20660).
    -What do you think of them?
    -Are there any bad aspects to using the device?
    -Do you think this device could replace the tandem prussic belay?
    -Could it replace the 540 Belay?


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    Limits you on rope size selection. Not bad if you are using 1/2 inch rope already.

    Yes, intent of this is to take place of several pieces of hardware, including the 540.

    But no, I have not used one yet. We are using bigger rope that is not compatible.
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    I used one 2 weeks ago.
    It works great. It should / will elimanate the 540 belay, petzl ID, and tandem prussiks.

    The BIG drawback is price. We were told $550. We were told several have been ordered, but it is not shipping yet.

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    I have had them on order since late January / early Feb and it is still backordered. I was told end of March, end of May - and still nothing. Spoke with a CMC rep at FDIC who said all backorders will be cleared by August.

    Anyways, it looks great and operates easily, but I haven't had any real loads on one yet.

    The advantages are that your main line and belay line can be identical setups without the need for any Load Releasing Hitches. This can also be done with the Petzl I'd, however for lowering a 2 person load with the Petzl I'd you must add an extra friction point. The MPD is NFPA G rated for lowering just how it is rigged.

    CMC has posted some great videos on the unit as well: http://www.youtube.com/cmcrescue

    The disadvantages are really limited to cost. The expense is there, however it replaces about 400 bucks worth of equipment, and I believe it can save money since training and operations will both be streamlined saving you money and time by making your setup more efficient.

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    Thanks Guys. We used a demo MPD the other day and ran some scenarios with it. We used it as a lowering device, used it in a 3:1, 5:1, and used it as a belay device. It seemed to work really well for everything we did, I was pretty impressed with it.
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    Wink Gotem

    We got our yesterday hope to drill with them and I will post my results, but it sure sounds like a sweet device

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