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    Default Department policy on sending personnel and rigs out of the city?

    Just curious what other paid departments policies are sending out people & equipment-wise to wildland fires outside of your response district(s). We currently have a cap of 12 people (3 single resources at a time) and 2 rigs at any given time.

    We've been looking to grow the program and find more opportunitiesl. Does anyone our there have a union owned piece of equipment that makes you money?

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    The Commonwealth of Virginia works on a State Mutual Aid policy agreement. That is if they need help anywhere within the state the ask for it and in most cases they shall receive it.

    Like wise we across state lines as well. VA into MD, DC, DE, NC, WV, TN, KY, etc.

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    Default Mutual Aid

    The first thing that should be looked at, is if there are any requirements that require the FD to keep certain apparatus, equipment and personnel within the fire district boundaries.

    These requirements may be spelled out in a city charter, city policy and/or ISO or other insurance requirements.

    Once these requirements are met, then usually a FD can use non-committed firefighting assets for mutual aid.

    One issue that you may encounter, is if the FD will be reimbursed for fighting fires outside its response boundaries. Fighting wildland fires can take a long time and in a paid FD, can result in off-duty personnel to be deployed and may result in overtime pay being paid.

    If a high-rise in an adjacent community were to have a fire and your FD sent an aerial ladder and personnel to respond, there probably would be no complaints on sending out the aerial ladder and the payment of any overtime for personnel (front-line or callback) time.
    Since a fire in a high-rise is a threat to the lose of life, nobody would second guess responding to such an incident on mutual aid.

    If a FD were to commit appratus and paid personnel to a wildland fire outside its response boundaries, there would probably be questions raised on the money spent, especially if no reimbursement was recieved by your FD. Wildland fires are not really considered a threat to the loss of life, as a structure fire would be, and the justification of the expense to protect an outside jurisdiction would be needed.

    While we all want to provide mutual aid, we have to justify the expense, especially is it is a wildland fire outside of our jurisdiction.

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