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    Quote Originally Posted by BODUKE View Post
    But I'm looking at it in a positive way. This now gives me time to get my emt cert and possibly my fire cert before I apply again.
    You will still have to face the fact that you admitted to underage drinking. Not a deal buster by itself, but still a factor.

    If you fill the questions and then come back with the evaluator and change anything, it's automatically a DQ'd.

    One candidate was asked if he every took or stole anything from an employer. He worked for an amublance company and put down he took $25.00 of medical supplies to put together an emergency kit for his car in case he came across an accident. Between the time he filled out the form and was hooked up to the poly he through the figure was probably $50.00. So he changed his answer. He was DQ'd.

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    Yeah admitting it wasn't something I wanted to do but either way he would've known. I didn't change anything so far and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't needed to anyhow but I guess being a minor and alcohol is a huge no-no.

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    Is the polygraph designed to see if you are a liar, or is it designed to get all of your skeletons out of the closet?

    Instead of "have you ever done drugs?" or "have you ever stolen?", why not ask "do you intend to do drugs?" or "do you intend to steal"?

    If someone could post the list of questions asked prior to the polygraph, and then the questions asked during the polygraph, it would be extremely helpful and appreciated.


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