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    Default LT, Seeking Advice?

    Hey All,
    I've been in the fire service over six years now, and just this past year was appointed to a Fire LT position. I try to set an example as a leader, I will say its a ongoing learning process. I take one class a month and attend drills when ever I can. I have had the opportunity to act as a IC on a few emergency calls (nothing major). One thing that I haven't done yet is command a working structure fire. I know at some point the opportunity is going to present itself, and I will be looked upon to step up.

    I know there are some classes whcih deal with tatical incident command classes , which i'm waiting on to be offered, to help, but do any of you guys have any tips or maybe online resouces. I know the best way of learning is to actually experience it, but we don't get that many fires either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnny46 View Post
    Eventus stultorum magister.
    This is true...
    Am I being effective in my efforts or am I merely showing up in my fireman costume to watch a house burn down? (Joe Brown, www.justlookingbusy.wordpress.com)

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    Don't get sucked into the incident.

    Do lots of "pre game". Watch fire videos, watch them as if you were the IC and ask yourself what you would do, what resources you would want... when you drive around your district, play the "what if" game:

    If this (or that) building were on fire:
    - What would be my immediate resource needs
    - What is the water source (big one in my area)
    - What mutual aid would I need
    - What's the construction, how will that impact my tactics and overall strategy
    - What is the occupancy..etc

    Also, don't ignore the guys with 20 years who aren't officers, they've seen it and done it.

    Order more resources then you need and stage em.

    When in doubt, get em out.
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