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    I have a question, I had my phone interview yesterday and they went ahead and offered me the job. now I have to wait to get my medical packet and they told me i could be leaving late july early aug. So once i leave houston what happens? and when i get In Country how do they transport us FF's to our base? is it by Plane, convoy, etc?

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    ive done some research and the interviewer told me it will wither be by plane, or helo. convoy is a possibility but they use that as a means only if the others arent available. however i ahve not been there so if i am wrong feel free to correct me. i was wondering what the work schedule is like. i know you work 12hr days but what is the rotation. and what do people do with time off if there is any?

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    Dear god folks, read the 800 previous posts that address all these issues. The search function is your friend.

    Jadiam, just so you know, if you got the phone interview you got the job. I don't think anyone has ever been turned down once they decided to interview them.

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