No matter what part of the country you go to, or who you talk to its gonna be different from dept to dept or state to state. Here, if the Chief or AC is on scene first then 9 times outa 10 its gonna be his call. If not, he leaves it up to the Engines officer to make the call.

Also here we have a system down that works pretty damn good for us. When I jump off the rig, riding tail with my partner. If we're not told otherwise, we go straight for one of the two 200' crosslays. Which side is grabbed depends on which side is closest to the fire. Other than that, if we're told to grab the 300' 1 3/4 off the back, thats what we do. If we're told to grab the 2 1/2, we do that. As firefighters our job is not to make command decisions, but be smart and compitent enough to make operational decisions based on the situation at hand. We're not mindless drones after all.