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    Default Cleveland Fire & EMS Merger - any impact on upcoming exam??

    I am taking the Cleveland fire test in July and I would like to learn more about the new merger between the Cleveland Division of Fire and Cleveland EMS. While I recognize that some of the specific details of the merger are still being addressed, I am hoping that someone familiar with the situation could respond to a few of my questions.

    Generally speaking, Cleveland firefighters have typically been utilized as 'first responders', while ALS service is handled by medics staffed with Cleveland EMS (although CFD has a few rescue companies staffed with ALS medics). I would like to know if the newly configured Division plans to consolidate fire suppression operations and ALS operations within CFD. In other words, will the new model resemble the firefighter/paramedic combo-style (e.g., Columbus, Wash. D.C.)? Or, will it be more akin to the FDNY model (where firefighters and EMS staff work in tandem and share resources, budget, administrative staffs, etc.)?

    Also, I am interested in knowing how this merger might impact future staffing. Will Cleveland EMS employees bypass the civil service exam and be cross-trained as firefighters? Conversely, will CFD firefighters be required to become medics and staff EMS squads?
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