Sandy Fire: Wildfire season is here
June 21st, 2010 @ 5:20pm
By Jennifer Stagg
SANDY -- Monday was officially the first day of summer. While Utah's weather has been quite cool up to this point, the Sandy Fire Department warns things can change very quickly.

Cooking is the primary cause for fires 25% of the time when injuries occurThe firefighters from Station 33 want to make sure Sandy residents are prepared for fire season. So Monday, they kicked off a new campaign to educate homeowners about what they can do to protect themselves.

Plan to gather the 6 P's People/Pets
Pictures (irreplaceable items)
Personal computers
"Plastic" (credit cards, cash) "In the initial stages of a wildland urban interface fire, there's not a lot of resources available," said Sandy Fire Battalion Chief Derek Maxfield. "This is a program that is designed to help the homeowners and citizens take some responsibility and get out.

The firefighters went going door to door, handing out fire safety and preparation information.

Sandy is one of eight fire departments in the country taking part in the "Ready, Set, Go!" campaign, which is designed to educate homeowners about how to protect their houses.

They say an area along Wasatch Boulevard is one of the most at risk during fire season -- which, this year, is shaping up to be a bad one.

"Along with the wet seasons, what happens is the vegetation has a chance to really grow thick. And then when we get the hot summer days, it dries out and creates a bigger fuel load," Maxfield said.

The Wasatch Front may have seen a rainy spring, but summer is here, and the Fourth of July always brings increased fire risk with fireworks.

Sandy firefighters say they're willing to come out to homes, by appointment, and help residents clear their property of fire risks. They want to make sure every resident is ready for fire season.

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