Eagle Mtn., S. Springs propose fire district
StoryDiscussionSabrina Nelson -

Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs, along with members of the Utah County Commission, are thinking of forming a fire district west of Utah Lake.

The cities and property included in the proposed district would be Cedar Fort, Fairfield, Eagle Mountain, Saratoga Springs, Goshen and unincorporated Utah County west of Utah Lake; and the name proposed for the district is the West Lake Fire District.

"We have visited with the experts, and the experts are the Unified Fire Authority," Eagle Mountain Mayor Heather Jackson said.

It was proposed that the district would start out as a joint policy agreement before moving to a taxing body with all participating entities having voting members. This move was recommended by the Unified Fire Authority.

"Obviously, if there are fewer players involved, we are going to have a greater say in the direction of this district," said Jason Walker, Eagle Mountain management analyst, who presented the advantages of the fire district plan.

All the participants would pool resources to decrease costs and increase flexibility and coverage.

"We want to make sure there is transparency," Saratoga Springs City Councilman Michael D.S. McOmber said. "If you did a true apples to apples comparison, here is the structure we want. Here is what we have from all the cities involved. What would the cost be?"

The councils agreed to revisit the plan in another session after more research has been completed. They agreed to compare expected costs and benefits of forming the West Lake Fire District against the costs and benefits of joining the Unified Fire Authority or other districts.

All parties attending agreed that the plan is worth pursuing and that they could benefit from any information obtained.

"We would benefit from these things either way," Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love said. "I would like to explore a little bit more."