Ok, there has got to be someone jobbing in Afghan either with ITT or Dynacorp that monitors this site. With that said, if you could throw a little info this way it would be very much appreciated. I'm just curious if the reason no one is replying to any of these threads asking for info is because you don't want new hires applying because you are currently getting max hours and you don't want that to go away? Or is it because there is no internet access to reply? I've had some dealings with both Dynacorp and ITT and am wondering if the employment offer actually reflects what you are pulling in on your paychecks? If not, is it higher or lower? Are you doing inspections like WSI? What are the sites like? Those that jumped from WSI, was it worth it? What is the higher echelon like? How was the mobilization process? Trying to make a hard decison easier is my attempt here. Any info at all would be a great start!