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    Default Driver Training/Safety SOP's SOG's

    I have been tasked with updating our driver policy. Not really much too much to our existing policy. We are a combination department and hve volunteers that respond in POV's as well as occasionally bringing more apparatus to the scene. I am looking for SOP's, SOG's, and/or policies that cover every asppect of driver training and safety to include licensing, light usage (actually non-usage on POV's), training, and safety. Anything that you've got that you think pertains to driving and vehicles would be great. I figure there is no need to reinvent the wheel on this topic. So if anyone is willing to send me copies of your policies or whatever, I can be reached at washingtontire@hotmail.com . And yes, I know it's a T in tire; that's another story. Any help will be greatly appreciated, and once I compile our's, I'll be glad to share it with interested parties. Thanks in advance!

    Jeff Treadwell
    Washington Fire Dept.

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    When you get yours done, or if anyone else has some that are willing to send me a copy that would be great. Thanks!


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