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    Working at Intermountain Fire & Rescue in Ramona, CA (http://www.IntermountainFire.org). We're apart of the San Diego County Fire Authority. Located about 2 miles from Witch Creek, the orgin of the 2007 fire storm that almost burnt the down the whole county for the second time in about 4 years.

    We're all volunteer, although we do get a stipend now from the county about everyother shift, breaks down to about $2.40 an hour for your 24-hr shift. But hey it's gas money.

    Anyways, I'm a web designer and video producer by trade and do alot of training videos and web work for the dept, I'm also the PIO. I started my own business offering the same services to other fire depts around the country.

    Hoping to network with some other great FFs here. Thanks!


    - Adam
    Fully Involved Media
    Fire Service Web Design - Video Production - Photography
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    Welcome to the forums from a volunteer on the East Coast.

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