Our Department has an employees Association, We are not a Union Agency but I think over the last few years the Employees Association has lost its way as for reasoning to exist.

I was wondering if anyone can provide or direct me too somewhere where I can gain access to Differnt Firefighter Associations Bi-Laws and recommendations on the how toos and requirements of these associations. Ie: President, Vide Pres or a Board type structure and when and how often they meet and what types of activities are approved.

Most people in our Agenciy feel that this has become nothing more than a Coffee and Butter fund.

Our Bi-laws are really older than dirt and really do not apply to todays environment.

Is anybody out there set up as a Non-Profit group? and does anybody do fundraisers and if so what guidance do you use to manage the funds raised

Any input is appreciated.

You can respond to this or send me private messages on this site or email me at emtaylor@orem.org