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    I am slated to take the Clark County FD test in a couple of weeks, and while I haven't even made it past that I would like to ask a general career question. My wife does not want to live in Vegas for the balance of my career, and I was wondering if many FFs relocate during their careers? Is is just like other careers where if there is an opening you apply and if hired relocate? Have any of you veteran FFs relocated during your careers? Certainly not counting the eggs before they hatch, but wanted to know. Thanks.

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    It is not unusual for a person to get hired on one department and later move to another. A lot of departments only hire laterals and that is where they come from. I talk to a lot of people who started with one department and then went on to another at a later date. Some did it to move closer to home, some to get on with a department that would allow them more opportunities for advancement or specialization.

    You are correct that you are making a decision before you have had an offer from a department. Take the test and see if you get an offer. Every test you take will get you better at testing, I would take as many tests as you can.

    Right now the Las Vegas area is having one of the highest rates of foreclosures in the nation, there are a lot of inexpensive houses available.

    There is every chance that if you get a job and go to work there, after a few years your wife may not want to go. She may have friends and a life she has come to like. You may have found, in that time, that you got on with the best department in the world for you, and Clark Co fire is one of the best.

    But if you do plan on moving on, there is nothing that makes a person more attractive as a firefighter in an interview than someone who is already a firefighter somewhere else.

    Good Luck, Capt Rob

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    brandon, im kinda in the same boat as you. my wife isnt to thrilled about the possibility of living in vegas either. about 2 years ago when we started planning on moving back to the west coast it was b/t henderson (south of vegas) and arizona... we're in arizona and we just made a trip up there and she wasnt feelin it.

    but she knows that this is my dream job and ill go where i need to go to get the job. i told her im not going to move us into some rural desert town in the middle of nowhere. i told her about the dept and their 'reputation'. clark county has been a dept ive looked at since i was in high school. so she's pretty supportive about the possibility of getting it and plus its closer to home for us.

    you just got to sell the dept and the area on your wife.

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    It depends on the state, dept, retirement system and the certs they recognize.
    - Some depts utilize a State run retirement system, which in a way allows you to move between participating depts without losing your retirement
    - Some depts will open up different ranks/positions to outside applications (i.e. opening recruitment for Driver, Lieutenant, etc.). Others only promote from within.
    - Some states have their own certifications, while others accept national organization certs. Some states have a way to transfer certs from certain organizations, usually for a small fee.
    - You will probably lose any seniority you may have, but if you transfer early in your career, it might not be a big factor.
    - Some depts, regardless of your experience, will send you through their basic academy again.

    I would say your highest likelihood of transferring to another agency would be within Nevada, should you get hired by Clark Co. However, it doesn't mean you won't be able to transfer outside the state, just might be limited. Did you have an area you eventually wanted to end up? If so, I would research the depts in that area and the state requirements for certifications. It should give you an idea if you'd be able to transfer.

    And as FFRob mentioned, there is a lot of housing available in the Vegas area. Depending on the residency requirements, you might be able to live in a nicer suburb of Vegas for a GREAT value.

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    When I got out of training, I took the first job offered to me. I just was just recently hired by my dream department (in my hometown) after working for the first job I took.
    Some thoughts I had when I read your post:

    First, get on with a department.

    Fire Department jobs are very competitive. I may have never been hired with the department I work for now. I may have had to wait years for them to hire and test again. Ultimately, you need to accept that. You need to realize that you may not get a chance to get on with the bigger department.

    You need support from your family. Getting them on board is very important. It was hard for her to understand where I was coming from.
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    A lot of the time you have to start all over academy included and also if u have any rank

    Does she not want to live in Vegas speficaly????

    Remember, not sure of Vegas schedule , but you may only work evert third day, so commute even if 60 plus miles, it is only every third day

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