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    Default Thanks Brian

    Just a very public thanks to Brian Vickers AKA BC79er.

    I am sitting here in Galliapolis Ohio, on my way to a town in New York that is donating some airpacks to a number of needy departments in southern Missouri, and one training facility.

    Brian is the one that introduced us to the donating department.

    It is sad that we still have to do this kind of thing, but whatever it takes. Someday better funding will be there for all.

    As always, the recieving departments pay nothing - not even fuel for the transportation. Donating departments get a big thank you, and included on my christmas card list.

    Thanks Brian.

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    thank you for taking time to help these departments. kudo's to both of you. just rewards will follow

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    Anytime Blake, I hate to see usable stuff sit around or get trashed because the department doesn't know anyone to give it away to. There are tons of departments that can use stuff that's past its NFPA lifetime because they have nothing or something a whole lot older. Something beats nothing in my book. Boot Camp will push off my formalization goal a little but when I get back and done with the honey-do list I'm going to try to formalize a used equipment donation site so we can coordinate these things more easily. True, would be better if everyone got new stuff but then there's that reality thing.

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    BC79er if you need help with that count me in also! (by the way look up; passing over you now at 33K feet; this airborne wi-fi is great).
    Kurt Bradley
    Fire/EMS/EMA Grant Consultant
    " Never Trade Skill for Luck"

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    Thumbs up Adding Thanks to Brian!

    To the person who defined ethical grant writing for me. Brian - from the first time I went to one of your seminars, to all the help you have provided all of us through the years none of that equals the debt I owe you for for putting yourself in line to defend my family and our nation. Be safe and hurry back.

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