Just joined and have been referencing the fourms pretty heavy the last few months. Fellow Squad member suggeted the site to me as a soild source to get feedback and communicate...he was spot on. Recently got the collateral assignment to purchase new turn-outs, lids and SCBA's ... well it's one thing to be the guy suggesting which one's to get up the chain it's totally different being the one responsible for making sure the limited budget is spent the right way.

Looking forward to what's to come


Started out as an Architect / Structural Engineer doing large construction projects ... joined a volunteer company at a manufacturing campus after seeing a co-worker get trapped in an excavation and rescued by the local response team and Fire Department. Always wanted be a Firefighter but never really pushed through it (moved around too much with school and work). Eleven years later made it as a company Engineer and Training Officer and love every second of it. Now our cheif has asked some of the seasoned officers to step-up in leadership roles by giving us collateral assignments, our memebership has grown we are (40) active members with (14) full-time Fire-fighters. (12) new Probies started 12 weeks ago

Primary area of response is Technical and Insudtrial Rescue. 60% of our calls are medical related around the campus with 25% being tech. resuce and 15% fire control. (Steel Mill)