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    Smile One way to get a new firehouse built

    Let someone else foot the bill! This has been in the works for some time. It looks like it finally going through which is great. This is one of the busiest stations in the city.
    The plan to trade a 1950s-era fire station on Howard Street for a new state-of-the-art, replacement on Folsom Street sailed through the board's Land Use and Economic Development Committee this afternoon, with high fives all around.

    Under the deal worked out by the city and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the city will give the museum Fire Station #1 and a nearby alley as the site of a new wing to house the new Fisher Collection.

    In exchange, the museum will build a much bigger $6 million fire station on Folsom Street between Fifth and Sixth streets and present it to the city at no cost.

    Although there have been concerns in the past from residents unhappy at the prospect of having one of the nation's busiest fire stations moving into their neighborhood, no one spoke against the project this afternoon.

    The only speakers talked about what a "win-win" proposition it is for the city and the museum.

    "I want to keep people safe in the city, and I think we're going to be sensitive to the concerns of the neighbors," Mayor Gavin Newsom said before the meeting. "When this new station opens, I think the neighbors will come to understand that this is actually a really good thing for their neighborhood and a good thing for the city."

    There are still plenty of approvals required before the deal is complete, including an environmental impact report that's expected to be completed next year. If everything goes as scheduled, the new station will open in 2012 and the art museum's new wing in 2015.

    What comes next for the $250 million expansion of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - assuming all goes according to plan.

    July 27: Board of Supervisors is expected to vote on a deal where the city will give the museum the fire station at 676 Howard St., which is in the path of the planned expansion. In exchange, SFMOMA will build the city a new fire station on Folsom Street between Fifth and Sixth streets.

    Spring 2011: Initial design concepts to be released.

    2012: New fire station to open.
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