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    Default Way to go Mr. Mayor, yeaaah!

    Talk about a slow motion explosion. If the charges described in the article are accurate that firefighter should have been terminated long ago if hired at all, but what has me shaking my head is the reaction of the mayor. He is just now getting tweaked about the FF's driving record? He was banned for live, not just in one but two states, from ever driving again. The department is just now hearing about it?

    Thompson, who is considered a habitual driving offender in New Hampshire, has not had a valid license in that state since 1992. Massachusetts revoked his license in 1987.

    "I ordered this investigation to get all the facts and protect the taxpayers of Haverhill," Fiorentini said. "We're going to be aggressive in protecting the taxpayers. If (Thompson) is found guilty, we'll go back to the Retirement Board and ask that his pension be revoked."

    Where are those guys who touted "You do not believe someone could turn their life around?". I think one used 10 years as a measure after the crime. OK here you go, 18 years and still a problem child. Where were the criminal background checks?

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    Where was the yearly DL check????

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