Montgomery County News

Montgomery County, Maryland, Gives Employees Comp Time To Acknowledge

The Washington Post

76411-6209&l=00a-790&t=c> (7/27, Laris) reports, "To salve the wounds
left by an unusually tight budget, Montgomery County Executive Isiah
Leggett has agreed to give county employees the equivalent of more than
100 years off.

The compensatory leave...would be doled out in chunks:

The county's general government workers and police officers would each
get 26 hours of extra paid leave; many firefighters would get 48 hours
off, or six additional days." The Post notes, "Leggett (D) and leaders
of the county's public employee unions signed agreements for the
additional time off" following approval of a budget that "froze employee
pay, imposed furloughs and broke provisions in negotiated labor
contracts, including a scheduled 10.5 percent raise for most

Leggett characterized the agreement as "critical for
morale" and an acknowledgement of "what employees have given up."