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    Default Chiefs Interview ?

    I am one of 10 applicants going in for the interview with the chief. Does anyone have any knowledge or advice on what I can expect? This department is one of my dream departments and I'm really excited to have made it this far and really want the position. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Interview

    Congratulations.....You have made it this far. There will be others with what they might ask and all I have to say is this. Get there early,wear a suit and be prepared to answer personal questions about yourself. The main thing is be relaxed and think before you answer as it is easier to say it right the first time then having to regret what you have said.
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    So how did it go? I have my Chief's Interview this monday at 10:30. Although everyone on both sides of the coin (volunteer/paid) that I have gotten to know through my 6 months of volunteering says I am a shoe in as #1 on the list, I am not getting excited till I hear those words Monday.

    Of course, I am going to be calm, honest, dress nicely, etc. I am just mentally trying to prepare for anything he might ask.


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    chiefs interviews could vary. when i went through it, it wasn't him asking me questions and seeing how i would reply to them. he was extremely humble and told me how he remembers sitting in my seat, and how he got to where he's at today. being how we were the first class to go through with him being a newly appointed chief, he told me about himself and his background..then went on to ask me where i came from, how i grew up, and when i found interest in this career. it really didn't feel like an interview to me, more of a small chat haha..it must of lasted maybe 10 minutes.

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