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    Default MSA Evolution 4000 for sale

    I am authorized to sell our Fire Company's MSA Evolution 4000 Thermal Imaging Camera.

    We had a problem with the onboard/docking station charging system, but we were able to repair it and it is 100% operational. There is no 110v battery charger though, that no longer works.

    The camera is in great shape, we take very good care of all of our equipment.

    Please contact me via e-mail jaycole4656@comcast.net if you are interested. The camera is at our station in Chester County PA, (Philly Suburb) I'll ship it to the highest offer if need be, or meet you at the station if you are close enough to come see it/pick it up.


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    do you have the camera for sale?

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    i have checked .. its sold

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