Texas Congressmen and woman
Nay TX-1 Gohmert, Louis
Nay TX-2 Poe, Ted
Nay TX-3 Johnson, Samuel
Nay TX-4 Hall, Ralph
Nay TX-5 Hensarling, Jeb
Nay TX-6 Barton, Joe
Nay TX-7 Culberson, John
Nay TX-8 Brady, Kevin
Nay TX-10 McCaul, Michael
Nay TX-11 Conaway, K.
Nay TX-12 Granger, Kay
Nay TX-13 Thornberry, William
Nay TX-14 Paul, Ronald
Nay TX-19 Neugebauer, Randy
Nay TX-21 Smith, Lamar
Nay TX-22 Olson, Pete
Nay TX-24 Marchant, Kenny
Nay TX-26 Burgess, Michael
Nay TX-31 Carter, John
Nay TX-32 Sessions, Peter

Please read the names. ALL voted NO to help 9-11-01 rescuers on health care. HR 847 would have helped firefighters and cops who are sick and dying from working the pile. NEVER FORGET. I dug with many Texans who came up to help us. We need your help again. Please contact these COWARDS and let them know they left us on the floor above. Tell them to VOTE YES when it comes up again and don't and any amendments to the Zadroga health care bill for 9-11-01 responders.