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    Question A FREE Paramedic

    I am thinking about sending myself to Medic school, while employed as a Full Time Paid Firefighter by taking 9 months of trade shifts. (rather than have my city send me because of budget restraints)
    I am wondering if anyone out there has done this before?
    What are the legal implications?
    Union complications?
    City problems?
    jsut looking for insight. i have talked to many ppl in my dept. My union is thinking about this. ( i have checked all my boxes i am just asking to see if anyone has crossedthis bridge)

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    so once you are a paramedic then what???

    more job openings in your dept??

    more money???

    does the city normaly pay for the class on city time??????

    if you want the education and cert, I say go for it!!!

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