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    Question Looking for info on home loan assistance for Texas Vol. Firefighters?

    Im about to purchase my first home. I am a volunteer firefighter in Texas. I did go through an academy and have my State and IFSAC certifications (not sure if that helps since I am not employed as a FF). I am trying to find any information on any assistance such as low interest rate offers. If anyone could help me out on this it would be greatly appretiated.
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    The only program out there was/is the HUD Officer/Teacher/Firefighter Next Door program which offered all sorts of incentives for those 3 professions to move into HUD owned homes. Problem is they're mainly in areas you probably don't want to live if you have a nice car and want to avoid people breaking into your house. It wasn't a program open to any home loan so you couldn't take it to any closing.

    First Responders Financial has special programs for responders but since they're web site isn't there any more I think they went under. Come to think of it haven't gotten their usual monthly email in a long time so unless they relocated to a new URL and none of the search engines have it listed I'd say they're out of business.

    Might check with the local banks, sometimes there are discounts for public safety personnel like less down at closing, slightly better rate. With the economy being what it is not sure anyone is giving those out anymore but worth asking. Good luck neighbor.
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    The HUD Firefighter Next Door program( if it is still around) is only available to full time FFs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ktb9780 View Post
    The HUD Firefighter Next Door program( if it is still around) is only available to full time FFs.
    Here's a link to the program.


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    They should call it the firefighter next door to a crack den program.
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