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    Hi all,

    I am a recently certified FF2/EMT in the state of Florida and will be starting with a volunteer department in my area. I'm looking for ways that everyone has their gear set up. I've been searching online for any videos or fourms that show/discuss how your turnout gear is set up with rope, webbing, cutters, flashlight, etc.. If you have any input or can point in the right direction on where to look, I'd appreciate it.


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    Congrats on your FF2 and EMT certs.

    Now as far as your turnouts are concerned. If you are doing a fair number of runs, get your turnouts set up like the rest of your department. Hoods in boots, gloves in pockets, and always have a flashlight of some kind. I do not care if you have the elbow light to put on the fron of your coat or a handlight in a pocket or a headlamp on your helmet.

    Your first night fire you will find out how important to have your own lighting system.

    good luck

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