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    Default Mass PAT hosedrag

    Hey guys

    Just a quick question. I have the actual PAT for Massachusetts community tomorrow, and when I went to the practice PAT I found I had trouble on the hose drag. It is an 1-3/4" rubber hose that simulates a charged hoseline about 50 feet long. It is not very flexible. You then run in U shape maze that requires you to crouch down and has a roof so you can not stand up. You make 2 90 degree turns and have 20 seconds to complete it and get the hose across the finish line about 50 feet from the end of the U maze. I kept hitting like 22 seconds and at one point 26. Any advice on the right form and or grip of dragging this thing? Thanks so much!

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    lean way forward and go. Don't stop at all especially the further you go.

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    hold the nozzle in front of you with arms fully extended. Lean wayyyyy over. That way you're basically pushing the hose rather than dragging it. Practice using a rope and an old tire. Drag it on the same surface that you'll be dragging the hose on...

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