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    Default Engine or HazMat Vehicle Decon

    This may seem like a strange question, but what would you recommend to clean an entire engine? Say someone parked the first in engine to close and it was exposed to the chemical. Does your department have a policy about how to decon it? Do you try to contain the water or solution that was used? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    All depends on what chemical it has been exposed to. They lost most of the front line fleet in Graniteville. Hard to decon corrosion.
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    You will have to go to the Army Chemical Corp for vehicle decon. I spent 22 years doing it. But as GTRider245 stated it depends on the chemical. In house decon probably wouldn't be applicable. An industrial cleaning service with a steam cleaner or hydro-blaster would probably be the best bet. I have removed a lot of paint doing decon in the army. If your apparatus did get contaminated you would probably need a new paint job and replace any hose (unless it was rubber coated) that was hit. I think the army manual is FM 3-3, but its been a few years. Hope you never need it!

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