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    Default Unfulfilled dream

    Unfortunately, I had hope that I can fulfill the dream of becoming a firefighter in Boston. But

    had not succeeded but still I hope. I looked at the requirements on

    http://www.cityofboston.gov/fire/employment/ and I think this just shows:

    Qualifications for the City of Boston at the time of the test:


    You must be at least nineteen (19) years of age at the time of the application deadline and be

    younger Than thirty-two (32) as the date of the exam. [I was 20 years old when I finish school.]
    So much remained to the end of the school
    My age


    You must be a resident of the City of Boston at least one (1) year Prior to the Examination date

    Qualify for a residency preference. Applicants who have resided in the City of Boston for an

    Entire twelve month period Immediately preceding the date of Examination are entitled to be Placed

    on the Eligible list for Boston ahead of any non-Residents. [Here is the biggest problem I will have to live for what]

    Qualifications for the City of Boston for appointment:


    Pass a written test for Fire Fighter administrated by the State. [It would have been]

    Pass a Physical Abilities test administrated by the State. [It would have been]

    Pass a character background INVESTIGATION. [It would have been]

    Meet medical fitness Requirements. [It would have been]

    Have a valid Massachusetts driver's license. [For sure I will have done a driving license in Poland, dependent on whether they are driving me]

    Pass a drug test. [It would have been]

    Pass a Psychological exam. [It would have been]

    Be a non-smoker. [Easy]

    The costs of all this:

    Flight cheapest the carrier is approximately [2100 PLN] [It would have been]
    The cost of living in Boston, including food for 1.5 years [Brak.Danych]

    Parents can give me a [2000PLN-3500PLN]

    If you want someone to communicate with me let you use gateway Gadu - Gadu communicator it is spoken in Poland. Write the sun will be clear and not red.
    Status Gadu - Gadu

    GG: 8991054

    Gateway E - Mail [My E - Mail is tomekdulak6@o2.pl]
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    Dude!! You have to stop posting in so many places!! you have 2-3 threads on this forum. Just re-post on the same thread! Also check your private messages, I just sent you one.

    "The Axeman"

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