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    Default Volunteer Question

    hey im not sure where to post this. i currently reside in catskill NY. i am trying to become a volunteer firefighter for my town. i have called the department and they gave me a number to call, i called that no answer left many messages, called the department again they sent me to another voicemail box, left messages no call. etc

    im trying to figure out what i need to do. i dont wanna sound like a pain in the ***** but im just not sure why im getting a run around to different numbers and no call backs.

    im 23, no criminal background, etc i dont know if it makes a difference. thanks for any advice.

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    Default Number to call

    Try http://nvfc.org/archives/1800fireline.html

    and they can hook you up... and also if that doesnt work go to a local fire house.. and leave a letter in the mail box

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    It sounds like you're getting the runaround from people who are too lazy to return your call. But keep in mind also that not all departments have volunteer programs. Perhaps you already know this department does, but I get an amazing amount of e-mails every month from people wanting to know if they can volunteer for our department. I tell them we haven't had a volunteer program since the early 1900s and sometimes they're still incredulous, "What do you mean you don't have a volunteer program?"

    It could be their numbers are full too and they're again too lazy to call you back to tell you. There are some departments out there that have sizable volunteer waiting lists, and if they're full up they don't have much incentive to get back to you right away.

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