Hey all,
I am a FF/EMT-B with a little over 4 years experience in fire based and private EMS. I have been trying to get into a Paramedic course in west central Indiana or East central Illinois for some time now. I have way more questions than I do answers, so I'll only bother with the important ones.

1) Paying for medic class...how in the he#@ am I supposed to pay for medic
class while working in one of the lowest paid industries in the state of
Indiana? The private service I work for stopped their reimbursement/tuition assistance policy right before I hired in. I have student loans still being paid for a previous degree so that option is out until those are paid(refer to the
previous statement about Indiana Public Service wages). I have been checking into payment options for Ivy Tech, so that might be one route to
take if it weren't for the fact that I would have to quit my full time 40 hour
job if I got into the program. (Again refer to the wages statement for part-time EMS)
So I ask, does anyone know of any private services that offer a reimbursement or tuition assistance program?
Scholarships for EMS(one that a 29 yo would qualify for)?
2)Illinois Paramedic Classes: Wow, you want to have some fun one night, try to find information on the "education districts" of Illinois...I have, for the most part found that any of the paramedic classes you can track online are at colleges in the Chicago area. I know from word of mouth that there are other "certificate classes" in other areas of the state. I cannot, however, find any information about them. I am starting to think that they might just be a myth.
Does anyone know of any Paramedic classes in the state of Illinois that are ANYWHERE in the southern or east central part of the state?

I thank all that can offer any info...

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